what you like most in the city,why?

By | 04月15日

On the Friday eveing, I took part in the English corner, we talked about a topic that what you like most in the city you are living now, and why?
I have lived in ShenZhen more than one years, and I like living here, now I will share some opinion about for me!
ShenZhen is a city in south China, Once a fishing village near the HongKong, But now, It is a fast becoming an international city.
When I came here here for the first time, I found that I like this city, I never expected that there are so many plants on the two sides of street.
And the people in ShenZhen is so friendly. also most them come from an part of China, and even from abord.
Friend, Please tell me what you like most living in ShenZhen,why?

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