Designer Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown 084362 brown Handbags, Luxury, Fake

By | 09月30日

Designer Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown 084362 brown Handbags, Luxury, Fake,Inspired

Our Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown 084362 brown is a vibrant mix of style and pleasure, offering you exact copies of the original handbags. If you need a cool and most welcomed change to your style(fake handbags), a change you certainly deserve, choose one of the many bags offers at a great price.

Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown Link :

Brand : Balenciaga ( )

Model : 084362 brown

Sale Price : $ 250.00

Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown Details :

Gorgeous brown colour is so charming and the leather is so soft. Perle leather adorned with shiny golden gems, an outpouring of luxury and elegance. Every detail exude a nobility of taste! It is born to shine! Includes serial numbers, authenticity card, dust bag,and care booklet SIZE(cm) : W43 x H25 x D13

You may find the most affordable Designer Balenciaga Handbags on our website while high quality can be guaranteed. Our Fake Balenciaga Bags is made with special care to reach the level of an original one. Here you will find luxury items are no longer something you ever hesitate going for. To meet your expectation, we only provide Balenciaga Fake Handbags that is perfectly imitated, featuring the slight details of originals.

All of our Fake handbags are shipped via EMS to worldwide. Normally it takes 3days to prepare the fake bags you ordered and 5-10days to transmit depending on the different destination.We pay for the free shipping cost for total quantity over 20 pcs. The EMS tracking NO. will be sent by email when an order is shipped from our warehouse. No more other charges from such as the tax. If you have any other questions please check our other pages or feel free to email us by

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Designer Balenciaga Giant City Bag Brown 084362 brown Handbags, Luxury, Fake,Inspired

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